Coronavirus Information

These are unprecedented times.Your web presence will be more important than ever. For some it will be critical to sustaining your business operations. In the face of widespread closures and drastic alterations to public life, many of you are shifting to electronic communications or website updates with your clients, customers, and the public.

Information about COVID-19 is changing by the hour. Here is some information we want to share with you.

– COVID-19 updates will take priority over all other website work at this time. We are posting your updates as quickly as possible. We ask your patience as we work through the list.

– Additionally we are continuing to backup, update, manage, and secure your website. Our service, management, security and pricing will not change. We are also expanding our teams hours to help accommodate timely updates to your websites as necessary.

– For the foreseeable future, many of you will shift to working remotely, if you haven’t already.Your clients will do the same. They will be looking to your website for the most recent information about your company’s services and operations. If you have website updates please send them to us so your website, the face of your business now, is current and up-to-date.

– As your web presence partner, we are not qualified to suggest recommendations on how your business should address the challenges of COVID-19. But we want to let you know we are here to support your business and your web presence however we can.

March 16, 2020

Working Remotely

At Web Design by Knight, your website security is always our first priority. Usually when we reach out to you, it’s with tips about how you can protect yourself against hacks and attempts to infect your website. But today we want to talk to you about a completely different kind of virus and how it might be affecting your business.

Because of the quarantine, many of you are probably working from home for the first time. We want you and your business to stay healthy during this trying period. To make things a little easier, we wanted to offer you a quick working remotely checklist, to help you through the transition.

Make Sure Your Clients Can Reach You

If you are working from a different physical location, make sure your clients know how to contact you. Are your phones forwarded? Do you have a different physical address for deliveries or pickups? Make sure all this information is clearly noted to your website and carried through on all social media platforms.

Changes to Operations

Everyone should have come kind of Coronavirus statement on their website that addresses the quarantine and any changes in operations. If you have a storefront, are you offering curbside pickup or delivery? A short explanation on your website could help streamline that process. If you are a service business, are you offering phone or video consultations? Those directions should be spelled out also. Any changes in how you do business should be clearly noted on your website and social media.

Working Remotely With Your Team

High quality, inclusive communication is key to any successful working remotely situation. Telecommuting can be isolating without regular connections with your team. Make regular check-ins a part of your routine. Email, phone, and video conferencing can also be a way to keep everybody focused and working in the same direction.

Clearly communicate your expectations, especially if you are sending them in an email.

Working Remotely

There are lots of things you can do to optimize a work-from-home experience. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Get a great chair. The ergonomics of a make-shift office are sometimes less than optimal. A good office chair that supports your posture is a necessity.
Get a large monitor…or two. Working from a laptop screen for days on end can be hard on your eyes, neck, and back.
Designate a workspace. Whether that means organizing an extra bedroom or claiming a corner of your dining room table, you need a place dedicated to work where you can organize materials.
Find the right light. In the perfect scenario, your makeshift office is near a sunny window with curtains or blinds to shield you and your computer screen from glare. Remember that if you are lit from behind, no one can see you during a video conference.
Establish a routine. Start work at the same time every day. A routine will protect your work time from other chores and things you might do while at home.

We’re Here For You

While we can’t do anything about our current circumstances, we want you to know we are here to support your business however we can. Web Design by Knight is a team of 5+ virtual team members. As a business owner with a virtual team for many years, I understand the hurdles you are facing. If you have questions, please let me know. We share many of the same fears and challenges. As we all move forward, one day at a time, let’s face these challenges together.

Tasha Knight, Owner
Web Design by Knight

March 30, 2020