Frequently Asked Website Design and Website Management Questions
How long have you been in business?
Tasha Knight is an original hard coder. Over the last 20 years, she established herself as an expert in website design and management. She started Web Design by Knight 13 years ago, and has spearheaded it’s operations since. 
What is website management?
Website management entails a wide range of digital-based services. Taken together, these services allow you to relax knowing your website is user-friendly, appealing, and most of all secure.  

From Backup, to firewall security protecting your website, website monitoring, updating software/components/plugins so that your website is current and up to date to help prevent your website from being compromised – to adding your business specials, information, blogs, changing website images and text, and SEOing your website. Mobile friendly websites, Google sitemap submissions, to Google Analytics.

At Web Design by Knight, we build your website, adjust the design, optimize the content and protect servers from malware, viruses, and hacking that can cause irreparable damage to your business.


How much does a website cost?
Much like buying a home, it really is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all rate. Needs vary from business to business, and we adjust our services and rates accordingly. It is best you are open and honest about what you want out of your website. This allows us to more accurately design a plan that works for you.
How do I know I need website management?
So many companies out there build websites for businesses and then once they launch and have gotten their money they leave the business owner on their own to figure it out. We want to partner with businesses so that they have professionals managing, protecting, and monitoring their website – so they don’t have to worry or become an expert in website design.

We take the stress out of your website by taking care of it for you!

How long does a website take to build?
Again, this depends on the needs of each business. Normally website business websites builds are 4-6 weeks. To ensure your website build is done quickly and effectively, it’s best to provide us with as much information as possible regarding your business needs and vision.
What other services do you offer besides web design?
In addition to building your website, we will work to maintain it. This includes constantly updating content, adjusting pages whenever you need, backing up critical information and frequently scanning for malicious software and fix any issues that arise.

We will also write industry-specific content and optimize each page for leading search engines. including submitted sitemaps and information to Google to help with rankings.

Will I have a say in what is or isn’t on my website?
Yes! In fact, the more you share your thoughts with us, the better the website. We work hard to bring your vision in line with the best digital marketing practices, ensuring your voice is heard among your target audience.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
Absolutely. Making websites mobile-friendly is a benchmark service of our company. Google now has a mobile only index – so if your website is not mobile friendly you will not appear in the mobile index. It is imperative that all business owners have mobile friendly websites.
Can you redesign an existing website?
YES! Older websites can be re-designed. In many cases clients can actually save money by adding a fresh look to their current website. We will also ensure an existing website is mobile-friendly if it isn’t already.
How many pages can I have on my website
As many as you would like. The more content you add to your website, the more optimized it is for search engines. This means you are more likely to be found by a customer searching on Google or Yahoo!.
What does SEO mean?
Search Engine Optimization. This practice flips the tradition marketing design on it’s head. Instead of cold-calling and seeking out new clients, it’s more effective to design your website in a way that guides prospective customers to you.

By practicing Search Engine Optimization, you attract prospects more likely to become customers. It is incredibly cost-effective compared to the traditional marketing model.

Will my website be updated regularly?
Absolutely. Businesses constantly undergo change. Our role in that change is to make sure the platform your clientele sees is always in line with your company’s values and services.

We will perform routine maintenance, but are also always prepared to make changes however and whenever you see fit.

Are website hacks really that common?
Hackers have been attacking websites since the dawn of the internet. Over the years, as security has become more advanced, so have their tactics. In addition, the shear number of website attacks continue to grow. In 2016, Google reported that the amount of website hacks were up 32% from the year before.

A successful attack can cause irreparable damage to a business. Today, more than ever, it’s important to know your website is secure.

I own a small business, is my website at risk of being hacked?
Website hackers don’t sit down at their computer and think “today, I’m going to hack this small business.” In fact, their process is much more random than that. Hackers choose their target by broadly searching for common vulnerabilities.

This is bad news for a small business owner. One may think a hacker wouldn’t waste their time cracking into a small operation. The truth is, though, that hackers will gain access to any website they can.

What is the cost of website management?
WDBK has flat rate fees that are very reasonable. The different packages are designed to grow with you as your business grows. This flat rate fee allows you as a business owner to not have surprises throughout your year with website costs. Also it allows you to get the updates you need to your website when you need them.
You don’t have to squirrel away updates until you have enough for an hourly or 1/2 hour rate. If you have updates we want them on your website as soon as you do! Just email, call, or text the new information and we will post it as soon as possible.
A family member built a WordPress site for me and I need it updated, but they are not able to help. Can you help?
We have lots of clients that have came to us because they have websites that are working for them, but they have no idea how to update images or add text to their website. We have been working on websites for 20+ years and aren’t going to leave you high and dry when you need help.