Marketing Services

We never outsource your website marketing. Ever.

Like all the rest of our services, the Web Design By Knight Marketing Division is in-house. We do not outsource because we don’t have to. Our team has the experience, talent, and creativity to custom-build a marketing campaign just for you. All of our campaigns are designed to showcase our clients’ business, create name recognition, and attract ideal customers. Whether you are new to web marketing or have been marketing your business for years, we are happy to talk with you about your current growth and explore the possibilities available to you.


Our marketing team has decades of combined experience that includes working in the entertainment industry, publishing, writing, editing, layout & design, brand development, management, and marketing. Some of us have been advisors in the medical and legal field, and others have worked in education. We’ve worked with both mom-and-pop businesses and international companies. As far as we are concerned, the size of your company should not limit the scope of your vision.
Do you need a new logo and color palette for your company? No worries. We can design that in-house. Want to send out regular e-newsletters but can’t write? We have expert writers in-house, too. Want to add social media to your business? We handle that too—from creation to posting.


We are often asked, “Do you provide marketing services to anyone?” The answer is, No. We do not. Our marketing services are available exclusively to our existing Website Design, Security & Management clients. We are committed to the success of every one of our clients and we take pride in helping them reach their objectives year after year—either by updating their website, keeping it safe, or promoting them through our marketing services. Web Design by Knight really is a one-stop solution for our clients’ business needs.


Some of our clients have been promoting their services through traditional channels for years. Many, however, are so busy running their daily business operation that marketing has completely fallen off their radar. They are aware they need it but don’t know where to start, and honestly don’t want to spend a fortune on ineffective promotion. We understand.
That’s why we always start our clients with a conversation that includes questions about the following:

  • Their objectives
  • Who their ideal clients are
  • What worked past and what didn’t
  • Their budget
  • Their expected or hoped for timeline

We explain the different choices available to them, the best scenarios for implementing each one, and provide answers to all their questions. We have vast experience in building brands, advertising, and promotion in all its forms, and we love to share that knowledge! Our goal is to provide our clients with all the answers and information they need to decide which marketing approach is best for their business.


With our marketing team, you’ll never feel like a number. You won’t feel timid to ask your questions. You can bring your ideas to us and, together, we’ll explore all the options. You’ll feel like you really have found a partner—one who is creative, budget-friendly and committed to your success!