Email is useful for communicating quickly and efficiently with your customers. However, a well-constructed newsletter is the best tool for creating a sense of community, retaining customers, and nurturing new leads. 

Gone are the days of boring, rambling e-newsletters with a daunting amount of plaintext. Today, newsletters contain all the visual appeal of a beautifully presented charcuterie.

Newsletter marketing gives you the opportunity to enrich the lives of your customers.  You can provide them with important content, show your appreciation, and invite them into your business world with behind the scenes looks at your processes and your facility.

Newsletters give you the ability to address the specific interests of your customers. With strong visuals, you can inspire their creativity, showcase products, or introduce members of your staff in a way that shorter email simply cannot.


Newsletters are sent less frequently than regular email campaigns. The schedule you choose depends upon the annual cycle of your business, the number of changes or offers you introduce during the year, and how likely your customers are to re-engage. Some of our clients prefer to send a monthly newsletter to their list. Others prefer to send a quarterly publication. And some settle on sending an issue out every other month.

For companies who specialize in providing major purchases like vehicles, pools or homes, your newsletter frequency may be quarterly. If you are in retail sales with a rapid inventory turnover, monthly newsletters are a great option. If your business changes with the weather or school year, a send frequency of every other month is a great choice. Newsletters allow you to focus your customers on their short-term and long-term needs.


Strong visuals are a must! While it is true that you can purchase beautiful stock imagery, remember that your competitors can buy the same photos as well. This can lead to confusion on the part of the public, who really does want to see who you are and what you do.

We encourage all our clients to capture images of their location, key staff members who are likely to engage with your customers, special products or services you’d like to feature, pictures of your fleet vehicles (if your business uses branded vehicles-i.e., contractors and delivery services) and informal pictures of you and your crew at work.

Don’t forget the CTA or call-to-action! Every great newsletter directs the reader to connect with you. You can invite them to:

  • Contact you for a consultation
  • Click to purchase
  • Take a survey
  • Enter a contest
  • Submit a photo
  • Ask for a review

Those are just a few options we regularly include in our clients’ newsletters. While newsletters take some time to write and create, they are worth the effort. If you’re interested in adding e-newsletter marketing to your business but lack the ability to execute the project yourself, we can do it for you. We have expert content writers in-house who can create custom publications for your business and take care of running your entire newsletter marketing campaign. Just let us know if that’s of interest to you on our initial call.