If your business is not harnessing the power of social media, you’re missing a great opportunity. 

Social media is a rapidly changing, ever evolving animal and should be approached with two thoughts in mind– 1) A solid understanding of who your customer are and 2) A measurable objective.

    The most common mistake we see is the business owner who wants to blanket social media on all available channels with a vague goal of increasing business. That approach rarely works and always eats up a good chunk of your available advertising budget.

    At Web Design by Knight, we have an entire team devoted to managing our clients’  social media. From graphics creation to content writing, scheduling, posting and maintaining your campaign, we do it all – entirely in-house. We do not outsource anything! Because we are a boutique company, we have the ability to work together as a team to help our clients identify, create, execute and achieve their growth objectives. Social media is just one of the many tools we use to help you succeed!

    In the past decade, traditional marketing avenues, including print, have nearly become extinct. So, social is a viable option to help fill the gap left by the disappearance of print advertising.


    At Web Design by Knight, we not only create, execute and manage your social media presence, we help you manage your reputation!

    Today, all businesses garner reviews – even if they aren’t seeking them. They appear on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms. Don’t neglect these! Today, most people make decisions on whether or not to do business with you based on the reviews they read. Consumers don’t want to be “sold to” – they want to know about the experience others have had with you.

    Two kinds of people leave reviews: those who love you, and those who don’t. We encourage all of our clients to respond to every review they receive – both good and bad. Even the bad ones? Yes! Bad isn’t necessarily bad. It gives you the opportunity to answer a critic in a way that makes you shine. You may not win that customer back (you may not even want to!) but your answer will influence other readers to either do business with you or not.

    We are experts at helping our clients with difficult reviews and stand ready to assist quickly with the right response.


    If you’re interested in adding a social media campaign to your business, we’re happy to explore that with you! First, we’ll identify your customers – those you currently have and those you would like to attract. Armed with that information, we’ll discuss which available social media channels are the best fits for your business. Then we’ll also explain why. We love sharing information with our clients and welcome questions.

    • We’ll discuss the differences in social media options for B2B and B2C customer bases.
    • We’ll tell you about the demographics for popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest (and other “flavors of the month”)
    • We’ll determine your involvement level in the campaign (Can you provide images? Do you have interest in doing short “on the spot” videos? Would you like to host your own group on social media?) Your answers will determine the kind of campaign we’ll craft for you.
    • We’ll discuss the investment associated with each campaign, and what sort of ROI you can reasonably expect
    • We’ll discuss timeline and whether your campaign will by cyclical, or if it hinges on special promotions that are ever-changing.

    At Web Design by Knight, we take the mystery out of social media for our web design, security and maintenance clients. We understand that a healthy bottom line for our clients benefits not only the owner, but their employees and customers as well. Social media is just one way we help our clients achieve that goal. If you are interested in exploring social media for your business, look below to “Get in Touch” and drop us a line. We’ll set up a time to talk.