The team at Web Design By Knight is committed to the success of our clients. You win; we win. So when a client comes to us with a marketing query, we are happy to add that to the list of services we prove to them.

We believe that all successful marketing campaigns are founded on two things: excellent planning and a sound strategy. And this is where we begin.


After we agree to help you with marketing, the first thing we do is establish is the importance of meeting regularly. This isn’t a one-and-done appointment at the start of service. In order to help you succeed, we need to re-evaluate and hone your plan at designated intervals throughout the year.

The frequency of these strategy sessions depends on your needs and the scope of the campaign. Many clients are satisfied with quarterly meetings, some less often. But more complex marketing campaigns require more frequent sessions, and this can mean meeting as often as once a week.


We find virtual meetings work best for our clients. Group calls with our team and the client (as well as their team, if there is one) mean help us confirm that we are all on the same page so you get the best service possible.

Our meetings consist of:

  • reviewing the results from previous campaigns
  • identifying new opportunities
  • discussing upcoming additions, and
  • exploring new platforms as they emerge

These sessions are also a great way to keep in step with any new messages you’re using. Every marketing campaign we undertake is created specifically for each client. No cookie cutter campaigns. We use your voice, phrasing, and cadence so that your messages truly reflect who you are.


All forms of advertising work on a significant lead time. Our marketing services are no different. Many of our clients’ businesses are cyclical–meaning that what they do in January of one year is the same thing they do in January of every year. Retail businesses very much operate in this way. Other business cycles revolve around the changing seasons.

Once we identify the business cycle, we work with each client to form a one-year calendar. That document includes things that happen every year, such as holidays, other special days or events that occur every year, seasonal sales, etc. This long-term overview really does help our clients plan for what’s coming up, instead of missed opportunities that their competitors may have thought of.

We know that businesses that plan ahead have a much higher success rate than those who function through knee-jerk reactions to their competitors’ marketing. Tossing up a last-minute post makes you appear as though you’re chasing business. Planning pays. It really is that simple.


If Covid taught businesses anything, it is how to be flexible. Digital marketing is no different. We understand things happen. You may need a last-minute message or two throughout the year. We get that. We’re flexible enough to accommodate most urgent requests.

However—we should add—if a pattern of tardy message requests appears, we reserve the right to call a meeting and revisit the annual calendar. This way we can adjust the plan so you continue winning and we aren’t always playing catch up.


At Web Design by Knight, the success of our clients is a top priority. We want you to thrive! Our team functions as your in-house Marketing Team–handling every aspect of your promotional efforts. We’re great at what we do. And we’d love the opportunity to discuss your marketing options with you.

If you would like to know more about what we do, scroll down and Get in Touch!