1. Not Hiring a Professional Website Designer
    Many business owners leave their company at risk by hiring a non-professional or even part-time website designer. Trying to save money by hiring a “relative,” or even, “a friend of a friend of a friend,” can spell trouble for your business. When the person runs out of time, or it is more than they can handle, it is easy for them to walk away without fulfilling your business website needs. There are definite advantages to hiring a professional website designer who will dedicate time and energy into your business and still be around in the future when you need them.
  2. Paying Too Little
    Everyone wants a deal. Yet, when it comes to website design for your business, the saying is true “You get what you pay for.” You owe it to yourself and your business to ask yourself why? If a business website design company is charging you way under standard industry prices, then it should raise red flags. Lack of experience and lack of knowledge could cost your company more in the long run. You may find that you end up paying more with worry, time, frustration and perhaps even additional fees.
  3. Paying Too Much
    It is a fallacy to believe that if you pay more for business website design then it is going to be better. Very expensive websites might offer you a lot of bells and whistles, yet they may also have hidden coding that can cost you thousands of dollars in the future when you need to make updates or changes to your website. Usually a business can obtain a common website CMS platform, like WordPress that will have the bells and whistles, without the $10,000 price tag.
  4. Not Getting a CMS Website
    Business owners can sometimes be blindsided by marketing and website design costs, feeling compelled to spend thousands of dollars for a custom programmed website. This is old school thinking. Times have changed and the future is Content Management Systems or CMS websites. CMS allows the business owner more flexibility and freedom than ever before, offering more control for your business website. All the while saving you money because you won’t have to hire someone again to make small changes like text or images. Business owners find CMS websites to be user friendly. This saves you time and money!
  5. Not Asking About Hidden Fees
    Hidden fees are a business owner’s worst nightmare. Does the designer charge for additional changes along the way? Will you be billed for anything else? Always ask!
  6. Not Asking About SEO and Social Media
    Business owners who want to succeed need a strong internet presence. Inexperienced website designers do not understand how to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) a new website. Knowledge of the processes needed to add a website into Google Index and how to leverage your business ranking with social media is a learned skill that only comes to experienced website designers.
  7. Not Asking About Website Security and Protection
    Your new business website investment could be easily hacked or compromised if your designer does not know how to configure or install new security features for your website. Website designers should install a firewall, and other security measures to protect the health and protection of your business website.
  8. Not Asking About Website Launch Support
    Some website designers just build a new website and leave you to manage and maintain it. If the website design company you are vetting does not have a post-website launch plan, do not hire them. Your business website needs to be continuously monitored, updated, and configured to keep it relevant and secure.
  9. Long Term Planning
    How is your website going to hold up for years to come? Will your website system grow with your business into the future? After your initial investment, will your business have to reinvest by rebuilding your website in a couple of years? Long term planning can save your business thousands of dollars.
  10. Hiring Someone Who Does Not Care About Your Business
    Hiring a website designer who has core values and wants to partner with you in helping your business succeed is invaluable. They should have the knowledge, resources, time and commitment to partner with you now and into the future. Having a website designer that you know and trust to have your business interests at heart, is worth their weight in gold.

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