Website maintenance is more important than ever. Just a few short years ago, a business that had its own website with information about its services was doing great. It didn’t matter if the website was optimized for a search engines or if it was mobile friendly or even well designed. Security measures weren’t very important just a few years ago, given the rarity of hacking. But times have seriously changed…

You Need Maintenance for Your Digital Presence

Nowadays, it is a completely different landscape. Many people consider your business nonexistent if it doesn’t have a digital presence. In their eyes, a business lacking a professional-grade website isn’t worth their time. There are millions of other websites they can visit instead, not to mention your business’ direct competitors. A professionally designed website is essential for engaging the modern consumer.

Hacking on the Rise

Additionally, the amount of websites hacked every year continues to rise, making website security more important than ever. If you have a business website, your server is constantly exchanging information with your clients. A hack can compromise that information, exposing your website’s visitors and your reputation along with them. The demand is clear: when used together effectively, website security and design management can make or break a business. Here are a few ways continuous website management from an experienced professional can help you:

Maintenance and Security

A business simply cannot afford to be hacked. From losing their clients’ trust to becoming blacklisted by major search engines like Google, a compromised website wreaks havoc. Hacking is also incredibly common. In fact, Google blacklists close to ~20,000 websites a week for malware and another ~50,000 a week for phishing.

Leave it to a Professional

By hiring a website management professional, you eliminate this risk and put your business in position to succeed. A professional web developer installs the necessary programs from day one, but that is just the first step. Just as important as the initial installation is regular maintenance. Professional web developers backup your website’s content after any changes are made and restore the content whenever necessary. This feature ensures you will never lose your valuable digital content to a malicious attack on your business.

Maintenance is Your Defense Against Hackers

Website management and security at Web Design by Knight also promptly upgrade your firewall, CMS, and plugins, plus other components. This keeps your website free from vulnerabilities. As we have discussed before, hackers do not “choose” who they attack. Instead, they simply scan the web for vulnerable sites. Once they determine their target, they make their move. Furthermore, hackers are always developing new ways to attack secure websites, so these programs require constant updates. Outdated programs on your website expose you to malicious threats. A website management professional continuously performs necessary updates on your website, allowing you to relax knowing your business’s security is in tact.


Another area many business owners overlook is the design of their website. The digital realm is more competitive than ever and if you don’t make an investment in your personal space, consumers will know. Thankfully, putting additional money into your website truly is an investment. The right website designer provides value that far exceeds your investment by driving qualified leads to your website. A qualified lead is a potential customer who is most likely to purchase your product or service. Website managers capture more qualified leads by continuously optimizing your website. Search engines, such as Google, are the primary avenues people take to your website. These engines rank websites based on their relevance to the user’s search, as well as the quality and security of the website. The right website management professional should utilize analytics to frequently update your content so it is more targeted toward these leads. Also, many website managers regularly add content, such as blogs. Taken together, these search engine optimization practices make you easier to find.


There is a misconception that hiring a website management professional is costly and unnecessary. However, the explosion of the industry due to the heightened demand has lead to affordable options across the country. Additionally, the value these professionals add to the digital world far outweigh their rates. At Web Design by Knight, we provide all the necessary services at a reasonable monthly flat rate to make your business website safe and secure. If you are interested in launching your digital platform forward, contact us today.