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Google WebSpam Report for 2016

Google released the WebSpam report for 2016 – and the news is not good for small business owners. The most alarming statistic is that Google noted in 2016 a 32% increase in hacked websites over 2015! That is just the tip of the iceberg as Google sees it – they are starting to see trends in hacking of mobile friendly websites because that is where a majority of the traffic is going.

Did you know?: It is less expensive for your business to have monthly website security and management for a whole year than to try to fully recover your website from a hack???

If you know of any businesses that wonder if they need website security and management please refer them my way. I will give them a complimentary Security Analysis which is normally $99!

Security Update:

Website Security Web Design by Knight

Website Security Web Design by Knight

WordPress and Joomla are moderately active

The end of March and the into April WordPress has came out with 2 smaller upgrade versions, including about 4 updates to the firewall that we use to protect your website. Joomla has had update for the firewall we use and about half of the components we support had updates as well.
Update: Today, April 26, Joomla released a major CMS update from 3.6.5 to 3.7 – which is a huge release for Joomla! I will wait a week as I research and determine all the issues involved and then update clients accordingly. (Touting over 700 improvements and 40 new features – should be an interesting update)

Tip of the Month: 

Tips and Notes Web Design by Knight

Email Cloaking
When you have email from someone that appears fishy or wonder if you should click on that email link – Do this:

Hover your mouse over the From Name.

  • If you hover just right over the link or email the true link location will pop up.
  • Sometimes when it is an email you have to right click or click on the right down arrow that appears when you hover.

EXAMPLE: If you get an email from “Google” and in the body it says “Click here to re-activate your account” you should do 2 things:

  1. Hover over the email name, in this case Google, click the down arrow to show the full email address – more than likely it will say something like ImEvil@scarysite.ru – This is spam – DELETE IT.
  2. Don’t click on a link until you have hovered over it and seen where it will take you – if it takes you to scarysite.ru or somewhere else you don’t know – DON’T CLICK IT! DELETE IT!

Thank You! 

Thank you Web Design by Knight

Thank you to all my fabulous clients!!! I so enjoy working with you and your business websites! I truly love helping take the stress out of your website presence and helping you have a secure, managed, and organized website that promotes your business in the best possible way. Thank you!

Tasha Knight