Successful businesses today require up-to-date websites. Here at Web Design by Knight we specialize in removing your burden of website management to allow you to remain focused on your area of expertise: your business. Presenting your mission and/or product in a clear, easy to follow format in order to draw in new business and help you reach new heights within your industry is our goal. Services such as website updates, design, web hosting, and web development, as well as online marketing strategies, programming, safeguarding against cybercrime, social media management, and more are all offered at various levels with our packages or consultation.

Many busy business owners don’t have the time and knowledge to keep their business websites up to date and protected. Web Design by Knight offers website management packages that help business owners keep their websites up to date and secured.

How Google Works

How Google works is a regular topic of conversation with our Web Design by Knight clients. While most know what Google is, some of you may or may not fully understand exactly how Google works and how it can help your business. So here's a quick explanation as to how...

Internet Privacy Polices Are Changing

You may have noticed many of the websites you frequent are updating their privacy policies and asking you to agree to new rules. For internet giants like Google and Amazon, as well as smaller mom and pop shops, changes are coming. In preparation for a shift in laws,...

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