Whether your business is new or old, it’s difficult to think about investing in good website management. As a business owner, we understand you think about every penny you spend. We do too.

But before you hire your best friend’s brother-in-law’s roommate to manage your website, you might want to weigh that decision carefully. It’s important to understand exactly what you are getting, and what you are not. Even though the price is a little easier on the balance sheet, you will ultimately pay more for what you need. Creating a website is one thing, maintaining it is another. Are they skilled and experienced enough to perform routine maintenance and defend your site against security threats?

What You Need

These days your website is the first impression for your business. It must do three things:

  • Your site must present an image that reflects your brand.
  • It must function properly and meet the needs of your business.
  • It must be secure and maintained.


A great website should be attractive, but should also reflect your mission, vision and values. There are a lot of beautiful drag-and-drop website templates out there. We understand the temptation. But as your business changes and grows, your template will not. You will be limited to the changes you can make to the look or the functionality of your site.

At Web Design by Knightwe design individual websites for individual clients, with their business goals in mind. We understand cutting corners on a website “seems” like a budget-conscious decision. Just know if you go this route, a lot of important things will be missed. A properly designed and maintained website should take your business places. An inexpensive, drag-and-drop site won’t take you anywhere at all.


No matter how attractive a site may be, it also must function in a way that serves your business. If your website doesn’t flow properly, your customers will get frustrated and leave. If your navigation is too complicated or doesn’t make sense, you will lose business. This is where an experienced website designer can help. At Web Design by Knight, we can review and discuss each and every design choice on your site–making sure that your site is easily searchable and user friendly.


Additionally, Web Design by Knight offers business management tools and services like email campaigns, social media, content writing or digital web solutions that help to amplify your business goals. Let us manage these things for you, so you can manage your business.

Secure Website Management

Once a site is created that looks and works the way you want it to, you’ll need good website management to maintain it and keep it secure. Security is crucial and ongoing. Just like you would maintain a car or a home, your website needs the same kind of ongoing attention to keep it secure and up to date.

Well-built effective websites are never a one-time purchase. A website that works for your business to attract clients and sales is an ongoing service. These days, online competition for customers is just too fierce. Sure a friend could design a site that is appealing, but will your customers like it? Will it work for your business?

Sometimes we jokingly say, “Friends don’t let friends manage their own WordPress sites.” It’s true because WordPress is growing more and more complex all the time. The constant threats and attempted hacks are also growing. Security updates to WordPress used to be a monthly task. Now those updates are coming through (sometimes) on a weekly basis.

Hire a Pro

You are in business because you offer something with a unique value. In the same way that you are an expert in your business, at Web Design by Knight, we are experts in ours.

Even if a friend could design a website for you, what if they aren’t available when you need them? Our team is ready to meet security challenges, whenever they happen.

Investing in the right kind of website management is as investment in the infrastructure of your business. A good website management company will actually save you money by creating business solutions that work for you. After two decades of designing and building in an ever-changing website landscape, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. Our team puts all that experience together to benefit you and your growing business, making sure you have the very best online presence available.