Hiring a Website Management Company like Web Design By Knight is a big decision. And in fact, hiring any kind of online service can be downright intimidating, if you aren’t computer savvy. Web services are complex and varied, so how do you shop and compare? What does “web management” really mean? Here’s what we think your website management company should be doing for you.

Security Maintenance

Twenty years ago, your website was like a small, brick and mortar storefront, resting quietly on the information highway. Maybe you locked the doors, but you really didn’t worry that much about a break-in. Back then customers used your website as a quick reference for a phone number or an address. They would then call or visit your business to learn more about your services, because they preferred doing business in person.

Today, the internet is a vastly different place. The information highway is now a fast-moving interstate with many other businesses, just like yours, located at every exit. And that friendly small-town atmosphere is now filled with constant threats that didn’t exist a decade…or even a year ago. Suddenly issues like security and functionality have become much more time consuming and complicated than they once were. The demands of your website are now constant and ongoing. So then must be the support from your web management company. The team at Web Design by Knight is constantly working to make sure your website is safe and secure.

Image Management

Turning over the management of your online presence can be scary. The truth is, managing your brand today requires at least some expertise you probably don’t have. Creating relevant, shareable content that is also easily searchable by Google, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You might have an idea of how your website should look and feel, but do you know how to create it? Graphic design is another special talent. And once your website is created, it must be maintained. A lot of web management companies are strong on design and creation, but weak when when it comes to regular changes and updates. As a business owner, you need a web management company that will be responsive to your needs in a timely manner.


In addition to regular security updates, your website will require constant updating to its functionality. “Plug-ins,” (bits of software that add a specific feature to an existing program) are constantly being updated by their developers. These updates have to be added to your site as they arrive. It really doesn’t matter how attractive your website looks, if it doesn’t function properly. And it absolutely must function properly in order for your business to operate. This is particularly important for websites that use shopping carts and other kinds of interactive features. If your website isn’t working, your business is losing money.

Expense or Investment?

Choosing the right web management company is an investment in your business. Choosing the wrong one could be a costly mistake. We understand the temptation to manage your own online presence. But truthfully, web management has become too sophisticated for someone with no technical experience. A business owner could waste hours doing simple tasks, instead of managing their business. And in the event of a hack, a business could lose hours, days or even months if there is no recovery plan in place. And lost faith with clients is difficult, if not impossible to rebuild. These days it’s not a matter of “if” a business will get hacked, but when, and how quickly the attack can be neutralized.

You wouldn’t trust your business to your pseudo-skilled neighbor. Likewise, don’t put your website, the main portal to your business, in the hands of someone without the proper knowledge and expertise.

Every business owner specializes in something. If you don’t specialize in website management, trust your website to a company that does. When you hire Web Design by Knight, you are hiring a well-established company with more than 20 years experience. We know how to make the internet work for you.