Test Your Online Presence

When most people think of Spring Break, they think of travel, adventure, and for this occasion – no more school. But for some, Spring Break means exams. If your website underwent an examination, would your online presence pass the test?

One of the best places to find your website’s performance grade is Web Design By Knight. Here, customers can take advantage of our free evaluation of your business’ website speed and performance. After your site has been tested, recommendations will be made. This can include image resizing, combining files, and more. Depending on your website’s size and needs, this fast tune-up is as little as $150.

Why Website Speed Matters

Did you know Google ranks websites on a variety of quality factors, not just by clicks? To succeed in the major search engines, a website must load quickly to provide a positive user experience. It also leads to better positioned search results. Site reputation is important. Google is following the online trend where website quality is far more important than a great quantity of less-than-satisfactory search results.

Website Testing

Speed testing is one of the most important site maintenance tools business owners can utilize to gage customer impression. Because many businesses have competitors with an online presence, first impressions count. This includes both fast, responsive website designs and loading speeds.  If a website takes more time to load than the customer is willing to wait, the chances of abandonment are very likely. Moreover, the perceived slowness will stay in the customer’s mind, causing a present and future loss of business.

This is especially important due to customer word-of-mouth, online reviews, and Google quality scores. If any of these are less than satisfactory, your business can suffer reputation damage and increased advertising costs. That’s why it’s imperative good user experience is provided before a visitor even connects with your website.

Though Testing Ensures Great Results

What if you’re unsure where to start? This is where the experts at Web Design By Knight come in. Before any fixes can be made, thorough testing will be completed. While one type of test may yield satisfactory results, it may not ensure your business’ website is providing a fast experience to all visitors. Most of the time, website owners test their speeds using a desktop speed test, but what about other users who visit your site?

Not every mobile user has an unlimited data plan. Users might feel their data is being wasted while waiting for a slow website to load.Testing mobile websites should be part of your business’ overall website speed performance plan. This ensures visitors who access your site from a variety of devices, all experience the same high-quality online presence. At Web Design By Knight, mobile websites will be optimized to ensure the fastest delivery for all users. Contact Web Design By Knight today and see what a difference speed makes. It will improve your customers’ experience, and potentially increase revenue. Optimizing your speed is one of the best business technology investments you will ever make.