Unless you are an accountant or tax professional, auditing your business may seem a little daunting; but thanks to Google Analytics, business website owners “can” audit customer behavior. Knowing from where your traffic originates, on what type of device, how long customers stay on your page, and conversion rates are just some of the features Google Analytics allows users to perform.

Behavior Flow Charts: Essential to Understanding Customer Behavior

Google Analytics’ Behavior Flow Charts allow you to select a pre-determined page (homepage, Facebook, email campaign, landing page re-direct, special offer page, etc.) and see the actions a customer performed. Statistics are based on how many users viewed a selected page, and what choices they made. When a customer stays on the site and moves to another page, it is considered a successful interaction. Google Analytics can track that. If they leave the site at any point, it is considered a drop-off. Those interactions are also tallied.

Why Is This Important?

Knowing when and where a customer leaves a website allows site owners to see what is and isn’t working. If a customer leaves a site after “Contact Us” page, that is positive customer behavior. But if they leave at an earlier point, due to another barrier; a website owner can re-evaluate that page to make it more user-friendly. This can be as simple as changing a link or providing additional information. The more user-friendly a site is, the more satisfied a customer will be. This, in turn, will also lead to better statistics.

Build Customized Reports With Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Sometimes, site owners fear they will receive more data than they can use. This is managed through customized reports on the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery page. Pre-made templates allow site owners to choose statistics which include: devices used to visit site, pages accessed and length of time on each page, site navigation and customer behavior, keywords searched for, what site customer accessed your site from, and more.

Google Analytics make it easy to set goals, see how a website is working, and determine what, if any, changes are necessary. Taking advantage of this free tool makes sense. It is a great way to gain insight as to what does, or does not meet your customers’ website expectations.

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