I don’t want to be the alarmist, but understanding website security and hacking is paramount for all business owners!
Google just came out with their 2016 WebSpam report and the most alarming fact:

Website hacks are up 32% over 2015!!!

Not IF your website gets hacked it is WHEN it gets hacked!
How fast can you recover and how much money and client trust will you lose if you aren’t prepared.

It is less expensive to have your website secured and managed for a whole entire year than it is to recovery from a hacked website.

Do you have a CMS firewall?

Is your firewall updated on a regular basis?

Is your website update to date?

Are all of your components and plugins updated and monitored?

Are you backing up your website file system AND database?

Have your backups been checked that they work and are not corrupted?

Request HTTPS/SSL For Your Business Website

Request SSL HTTP Web Design by Knight

Request SSL HTTP Web Design by Knight

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Are You Safe From Hacking?

Think you’re safe from hacking or your business is too small for hackers to target? You might want to think again. According to Google’s 2016 Webspam Report, website hacking is up 32% since 2015. And Google sent out over nine million messages to site owners in 2016...

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