A Secure Sockets Layer keeps your information private. Take advantage of our New Year SSL special today!

If your business website relies on collecting information from your users, a secure sockets layer installation is a must. At Web Design by Knight, we are offering a one-time deal for the month of January to help get your website ready for the years to come.

Security in your transactions

While it is easy to get caught up in the design and effectiveness of your website, its important to never let your security become outdated. Without a secure connection to your potential leads, your business website won’t be as effective as possible. Furthermore, business websites face security threats from all directions. These days, making sure your website is secure is more important than ever.

Secure Sockets Layer

A secure sockets layer, or SSL, encrypts data that is shared between your website’s server and your customer’s web browser. Hackers can target the channels you and your customers use to exchange information. By installing an SSL on your business website, you guarantee this information will be protected.

You can hire a website security professional, such as Web Design by Knight, to take your website through the installation process. Webmasters first apply for an SSL certificate from a third-party authority. After these groups issue your certificate, the webmasters install the software on your site. Once this is done, secure connections are formed automatically when people visit your website.

These certificates are very much like a drivers license. In practice, they signal to your customer’s web browser that your website is who it claims to be. Once a browser verifies your information, the two programs create a formula which they will use to encrypt the data they exchange. This means if a hacker got a hold of that data, they wouldn’t be able to decrypt it.

This is crucial in the digital world, especially if your business website requests sensitive information from your customers. This can include addresses, telephone numbers or even credit card information.

Do I really need it?

Secure Sockets Layers are completely necessary if you want your website to be competitive. They are incredibly common in a digital world increasingly aware of cyber threats. In fact, Google reports that over 89% of websites use a secure sockets layer.

Since SSLs are so effective, web browsers frequently find more ways to encourage their use. One of the most obvious incentives comes in the form of a warning. If your website doesn’t have an SSL, most web browsers give a clear warning to your visitors.

Secure Sockets Layer Warning

An insecure connection can scare away potential customers

In addition to the warnings, search engines also lower a business website’s rank if it doesn’t use the HTTPS format. Taken together, these two factors can dramatically reduce your websites organic traffic and the revenue it is able to produce.

January Offer

A Secure Sockets Layer installation is a one time expense that saves you time and money in the long run. At Web Design by Knight, we are excited to offer a one-time deal for the month of January to help your website get up to speed. These installations typically cost between $175-$200 for three years, depending on server hosting needs. For the month of January only, we are offering SSL installations for only $75. Make sure your website is secure by calling today to learn more!

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