Ring in the New Year by getting a great deal on a Secure Sockets Layer installation this January.

Getting a Secure Sockets Layer installation on your website is more crucial than ever before. These encryption systems are used across the industry to keep businesses and customers safe from cyber attacks. If you don’t have one set in place, your rank within search engines will suffer and, as we’ll see, that problem will only worsen in 2018.

When you are trying to expand your business’ online digital presence, security might not be your main consideration. In today’s digital world, though, security is incredibly important. If you want to effectively broaden your network, you need to maintain a secure format because it helps keep all of your transactions safe from malicious hackers.

What is a Secure Sockets Layer?

We’ve written extensively about Secure Sockets Layer installation in the past. To summarize, a secure sockets layer, or SSL, acts as a shield for the information you are exchanging.

When a user goes to your website, their web browser and your hosting server are constantly sharing data. Website hackers can target the channels you are using to share that information. If they are successful, they can extract any information you or your customer exchange.

A webmaster installs necessary software on your website before applying for a certificate. Certificate authorities, such as Comodo or Syntec, act as third-party arbitrators who verify both sides of a transaction. After they approve your website’s certificate, your website is considered secure.

Secure Sockets Layer installation Web Design By Knight St. Louis

The most obvious way to tell if a website is secure is to look at the address bar. A secure website begins with HTTPS, instead of HTTP. This lets the visitor to your website know that their information, such as credit card or address info, is only going to you.

Secure connections are formed between your server and their browser in what is commonly called a “hand-shake.” Your server presents the information on your SSL certificate. The web-browser then verifies that information with the proper authorities. After your site is verified, the two systems agree on an encryption formula they will use to send each other information.

This encryption blocks hackers from easily stealing your shared data, thus legitimizing your interactions.

Benefits of a Secure Sockets Layer

Search engines and web browsers provide powerful incentives for businesses to use a secure connection. In short, websites generate more traffic when they adhere to their protocol. If not, they will lose credibility among their potential customers.

Last January, Google Chrome began warning users when they are on a website that is not equipped with a Secure Sockets Layer Installation. These kinds of warnings scare customers away from your website and decrease the amount of trust in any transaction.

In addition to the warning sign, there is also evidence that Google punishes insecure websites in their search rankings. Not only are you losing customers to Google’s appropriate warning, but you also lose out on key organic traffic. Simply getting a secure sockets layer installation on your website will solve a lot of these traffic-related issues.

This year, search engines will continue to implement stricter policies so they can make the web more secure for everyone. Because of this, its important to install a current SSL system and equally important to work with a professional that can keep up with the frequent updates.


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