What’s New?

Google Mobile Index!

January 10, 2017 Google announced that it was splitting it’s search index. This has not been done before and is a really big deal! Google has always had the one huge search index.  They are splitting it because mobile searching is getting so huge, and they needed to segment the traffic for better search results. The next step is probably going to be not showing non-mobile sites on mobile devices. This has been a long journey for Google, but it looks like it is really happening now! If your website isn’t mobile friendly – soon you are not going to appear in mobile searches! Contact us today if you have questions – as this is mission critical to your business – especially if you have a physical location that clients come to see you at.

Security Update:

WordPress and Joomla are very quiet.

December was a crazy CMS time, lots of important security updates. It appears now that things are starting to settle down. WordPress had a minor update earlier in the month and Joomla hasn’t had any updates since the December major security update. Still need to keep vigilant, but for now the CMS world is relatively quiet. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Featured Event:

You are invited to a workshop for business leaders!

Take The Mystery Out Of Marketing – And Take Your Business To The Next Level. February 28, 2017 in Kirkwood, MO – Tasha Knight is teaming up with Zero2Sixty Performance  Coach Lora Newman and Deb Raymer and Social Media Expert/Coach – Karen The Connector for an all day workshop for business leaders. Please contact me for more information or view the full event details and registration below: https://zero2sixtycoach.leadpages.co/next-level-with-marketing-/

Marketing Website Security Boot camp Feb 28 2017

Marketing Website Security Boot camp Feb 28 2017

Upcoming Events:

All day workshop for business leaders!

  • February 28, 2017 – Take The Mystery Out Of Marketing – And Take Your Business To The Next Level. Click here to register

Do you need someone to speak to your organization or business about how a business can have a web presence that is simple, secure, and stress free? Contact us to have Tasha Knight speak and help enlighten business owners about their web presence.

Tip of the Month: 

One of my favorite keyboard tips! UNDO!!!! I always need an undo button!!! On a PC if you hold down the Ctrl button and press Z it will undo what you last did. On a MAC press Command and Z!!! Depending on what program you are in you can keep pressing Ctrl/Command Z and keep undoing! (sorry this does not reverse the sending or undoing of sent email)

Thank You! 

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend my talk in Fenton on Wedensday, January 25th! The hour long seminar on 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Their Website was fun, interactive, and educational.Thank you for all your wonderful comments and contributions. If you missed the talk you can still catch the next talk that will be Feb. 28 – click here to register!

Tasha Knight