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Business Website

Business Website Security has become of paramount importance to all businesses – no matter the size. Sadly, it is no longer IF your website is hacked, but WHEN. How prepared are you? Can you recover, repair, and manage the hack? How much will a hacked website cost you in time, money, and customer loyalty? Recovering from a hacked website is far more expensive than making the wise, proactive choice to secure your website NOW with experts who have your back 24/7. We work to protect your online presence.

Business Website Management

Business websites need to be continually monitored, updated, and improved so that they do the job of attracting new clients. As a business owner, you focus on running your business. Let us focus on your website. Business website management includes the day-to-day work of protecting, updating, and maintaining your website. Our comprehensive Management Services offer you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that all is well with your business home on the web. Interested in partnering with us to manage your website? Read on for more information.

Business Website

Can you afford to lose business? Of course not! But many business owners do just that for one of two reasons: either their website is poorly built OR they haven’t yet taken the step to ensure their site is mobile friendly. All businesses need a well-crafted, attractive site that invites customers to engage. And having a mobile friendly website isn’t optional any more. It’s a MUST if you plan to grow. Contact us today if your website needs a fresh look, or if you’re ready to make the leap to mobile-friendly. We partner with businesses of all sizes to provide a website experience that is simple, secure, and stress free.

Business Website Analysis

Is your website not looking like it should? Has your website been hacked? Is your website loading really slow? All these are indications of what have the potential to be very big problems. If these problems are analyzed quickly and efficiently your business can continue to thrive and grow. Left unaddressed these problems can lead to long term effects on your business reputation and bottom line.

How Google Works

How Google works is a regular topic of conversation with our Web Design by Knight clients. While most know what Google is, some of you may or may not fully understand exactly how Google works and how it can help your business. So here's a quick explanation as to how...

Optimizing Key Pages of Your Website

There are four key pages that are really important for your website. These four pages must be optimized, in order for your website to really work for you. These pages will be visited more than any others, regardless of the size of your site. So let's talk about what...

Managing Your Website Content

If your company's website is your storefront, then your content is the signage on the doors and windows. It's also an important channel for connecting with customers, building relationships and engagement. These days, most people will conduct their own online research...

Writing a Blog for Your Website

So you want to write a blog for your business, but getting started is a battle. You have a marketing plan. You know you need to be using social media platforms. You have great ideas and a great product or service to sell. Unfortunately, none of that will matter if you...

“Gutenberg” Brings Major Updates For WordPress Clients

The new Gutenberg update for WordPress has been the most significant update for WordPress in the last 15 years. Named for Johannes Gutenberg, father of the printing press, the update is a complete overhaul of the administrator console, on the back side of the website....

Creating Content For Your Website

Content is still the focus of today's marketing strategies. Businesses are using content to show off their products and services. In a web-driven world, traditional advertising isn't as successful as it once was. Print ads, telemarketing, a shrinking press...

Start the Year With a Website Checkup

Like your car, your website also needs an annual checkup. Internet trends and technology seem to change overnight. The way we live changes the way we search, our habits, our preferences. The web responds. If you want your business to remain competitive you have to...

Boosting Website Traffic With Social Media

At Web Design by Knight, we are constantly analyzing the website traffic of our clients. We look for ways to boost volume, extend visits and increase your click-thru rates. This can be accomplished using a number of different tools and strategies. One of the ways a...

Let’s talk and figure out how we can take the struggle or mystery out of your website development or help your business with website maintenance. You’re sure to be pleased with the professionalism, capabilities, and responsiveness of Web Design by Knight. Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will not let you down! We’re located in St. Louis, Missouri, and all your communication will be with a native English speaker. We would love to join your team!


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Here at Web Design by Knight we work diligently to best reflect your vision. Your business objectives are of paramount importance to us during the website creation process. After collecting your ideas, goals, company information, and creative input, we will work to establish an all-encompassing website that reflects who you are today, and also allows for future growth. We pride ourselves on our ability to create fresh and innovative websites that our clients love. After creation, we can also maintain your website per your request, and keep you informed of various technological advances and opportunities as they become available. Our professional promise to you is client satisfaction. You will always be heard by our team, have the final word with your web design, and have opportunity to request website changes and updates at any point.

Leave the technical web development to us so you’re able to focus on what you do best: your business. Every hour you spend on trying to develop your own website is another hour away from directly focusing on your business’ needs. And, the best news is, we will complete those technical tasks in a fraction of the time! Hand over your current website for us to update, expand, and polish. Or, share with us your hopes and visions for a new website, and allow us to transform those thoughts into a state of the art website. Web Design by Knight works cooperatively with you to create a highly functional, innovative business tool. The options for your website are many, and we’re here to remove the stress from the development process.

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